Freedom Arts Movement is a community organization led by artists. Our mission is to liberate art, as well as the people, from exploitation, commodification, and everything in between. We believe that the quest for profit and power steals not only the wealth of the masses but also their right to reap the fruits of their creative labor. We intend to keep art, in all its forms, within the community. We intend to dignify and uplift the humanity of the marginalized—the silenced, the invisibilized, the dispossessed, the brutalized majority—with our art and solidarity campaigns. By reintroducing creation, for creation sake, or for the sake of the community, to the masses, we can begin to retrieve the non-exploitative process of creation. We plan skill-sharing and survival programs, parties and concerts, after school programs and mentoring; the possibilities are boundless. As we move forward, synthesizing our shortcomings and our strengths, the movement's capacity, resources, methods, and points of unity will maturely grow. We invite any and every member of the community to share space with us, invite us into your homes as we invite you into ours. We hope to learn from the already vibrant groundwork laid down by past and current artist lead movements. We do all we can to advance the goal of working-class freedom. All power to the people. Towards a red horizon.

Get Involved

We are always looking for new members and community partners. Join our mailing list, check our social media pages, and look through our events and classes page for direct info on our calender.


The movement is trying to build grass roots power in the community. Including a free-school for arts, transformative justice, skill-sharing, culture-sharing, history-sharing and much more. Check out more here on our mission and to join us for meetings, classes and event to tap in here.