07/06: Today's prompt is inspired by Onset, a poem by Kim Addonizio. You do not need to read the poem to answer the prompt, but it is recommended.

PROMPT: Begin your piece of writing with "It's July, and it's starting again:", and write about what it is that is starting again in July. Alternatively, you can replace July with summer: "It's summer, and it's starting again", to mirror Addonizio's poem. I encourage you to take inspiration from Onset and try to infuse your writing with lush and complex personification.

07/13: No prompt!

07/20: This week's prompt is inspired by Natalie Diaz's poem The Cure For Melancholy Is To Take The Horn.

PROMPT: Consult this and this webpage and identify a word that wholly encapsulates the way you are currently feeling, or have been feeling most pervasively lately. Then, write a piece that begins with "the cure for [your word] is to:" and go from there. Feel free to make your piece as abstract as you'd like, and in the final draft, feel free to rid the piece of the first line. The goal is to write something that dives into the experience of an emotion with words. Have fun!

07/27: Our final prompt is inspired by fate.

PROMPT: Pick up the book nearest to you (or your favorite book, or the only book in your apartment -- it doesn't really matter). Then, have someone else (or a random number generator) choose a number within the parameters of the page numbers of your book. Title your writing with either the first or last line on the page that you opened the book to. After you've written your piece, go back and change the title.

Thank you for writing away this quarantine and the summer with me! I will miss you all.


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