State and Revolution Reading Group [TBD]




We Charge Genocide Again! Facilitated by Tongo Eisen-Martin. Purpose: The objective of the curriculum is to have teacher-students and student-teachers engage the realities of extrajudicial killings of Black people. The curriculum includes a series of lesson plans to nurture critical thinking and analysis of these state-sanctioned killings. Towards the end of the series and throughout we will be contextualizing state-sanctioned violence in our current historical moment. Recordings of the 3 part series can be found here.

Intro to Revolutionary History and Theory, facilitated by Black Red Guard. Purpose: this eight week course is meant to provide participants a general knowledge of the history and theory of revolution over the past 200 years. This course deals mainly with Marxism and its creative application in liberating a substantial portion of the world’s working people from hunger, exploitation, and privation caused by the mountains of capitalism, feudalism and imperialism. Past lectures will be available here.

Casual Creative Writing Workshop, facilitated by Gabrielle Davis. April -- July 2020. The Freedom Arts Movement and Freedom Arts Press have decided to facilitate a once-weekly writing workshop in the name of liberating creation from capital and creating a community of radical-minded writers. The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of identity or skill level, who aligns with our core beliefs and objectives as a collective. Every workshop will consist of writing activities, conversation, and opportunity to share and receive feedback, and will be hosted via a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom for the time being. We hope that out of this workshop comes revolutionary thinking, writing, and community. You can find all the prompts that we used here.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire reading group, facilitated by Gabrielle Davis. July/August 2020. Purpose: to read through and discuss the 1970 book Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire chapter by chapter to encourage a thorough understanding of one of the most foundational texts to critical pedagogy. Dedicated to the oppressed and based on his own experience helping Brazilian adults to read and write, Freire includes a detailed Marxist class analysis in his exploration of the relationship between the colonizer and the colonized. No prior detailed knowledge of pedagogical theory or Marxism is necessary to join the group. A free .pdf of the book can be found here. All resources related to the reading group can be found here.